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Website Design Canada

Joomla Web Site Design Services 

Canada Joomla Website Conceptualization and DesignAnonSolutions can offer you a multitude of services, products and solutions to assist you in reaching your business objectives and goals. While we are located in Vancouver, we can assist you on your  project(s) anywhere in Canada and for that matter anywhere around the world! Our major fields of expertise include but are not limited to Joomla and most content management applications. Our web designers and graphic artists are qualified and talented professionals.

Your company needs a strong presence online and we are there to help you reach your goals. We can offer you a lot more than a simple website, we can provide you with a solution that will work for your business and generate some real profits. Our survival and reputation depend on it.

What does Joomla Mean Anyways?

Joomla is the phonetic Swahili translation of of word that means "all together" or as a whole. An exclamation point should be added to the end but unnecessary.

What makes Joomla different From Other Solutions?

Other open source CMS solutions are available out there(Drupal - Wordpress - PHPnuke ect...), but what makes this CMS so distinctive and different? Joomla is not only a web based software solution but also a collection of enthusiasts and developers alike. The community also includes translators, administrators, editors and last but not least end users.

Joomla Website Design Canada Computer Picture, laptop

Why is it Free?

It is open source software. This means that is it free to use and modify for all. Who pays for this might you ask? Well...everyone and no one at the same time...most of the work is done in time versus money. If the service/product is free, everyone can contribute and benefit from the evolution of the software. As a free software platform it can help small business owners get a free site as long as they learn basics installation/configuration and management.

Joomla Web Hosting ServicesAnother reason why it can remain free is that developers can make money from management and services. Joomla is free but servicing the websites isn't. Developing components/modules/plugins/extensions/tools and mambots is a great way for a  developer to build his portfolio. For example, a developer creates a "real estate" extension free of charge for everyone to use. Thousands of users download the extension and the developer gets exposed to a vast audience. Out of the thousands of users, someone will need some extra customization or extra expert services, the fact that the developer created the extension himself will afford him very high credibility and allow him to monetyze his efforts.

Web Site Design and Conceptualization

These days having a web site is not optional for businesses of any shape or size, it's simply compulsive. Does your business need  a new web site or maybe to refurbish an existing one?  But where to start?  What options are available, necessary or optional is Joomla the best solution? How do you wish to convey your ideas representing your business concept, ideology and mission from word to web and thoughts to images? What is your geographical target, Canada, North America, Asia, Europe?

We can provide you with answers to these questions to help you make the appropriate decisions for your needs, and we do it in your language. Numerous web design agencies might try to overwhelm and impress you with technobabble, but we try to make the whole process of web site conceptualization as transparent, seamless and simple as possible from start to finish in plain English. 

Web Hosting

Once your website design or redesign is completed you might need to choose a web hosting provider. Where and how will you have your site published on the world wide web? What kind of hosting plan does your type of web site require? If you web site is build around Joomla, do you need installation, transfer? If you host with us we have Fantastico installed on our servers and this usually makes all CMS installations seamless and almost instantaneous.

While the availability of options are absolutely overwhelming, choosing the appropriate hosting option can be quite simple if you know what you really need. But the problem is that most clients are not always aware of what options are unnecessary fluff and what options are mandatory needed to effectively host their web site. We can help you choose the best, yet the most economical plan to fit your needs. Not too many useless bells and whistles but not the bare essentials either, just the right solution for your business.

Reasons for specialized hosting

HTML clipboard
  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Maintenance
  4. Security
  5. Upgrades


Domain Name (.com) Registration


How to register your domain nameWhat will you call your homepage? What if your established company name is not available? Should you use dashes(http://www.ex-ample.com/) or one word (http://www.example.com/) ? What domain extension should you pick, .com, .net, .org? If you have a website in Canada, should you pick the .ca extension, should a USA website pick the .US extention? Should you opt for a country extension at all? How long can the name be, what keywords might you want to include in the name?

The name you choose will represent your company for years and decades to come or as long as you maintain your online presence. For this reason, it is of crucial to choose the right domain name before even starting to work on your project. While choosing a name might be confusing, we can alleviate the burden of domain name selection and registration by giving you information that will assist you in making the right decision.

Search Engine Optimization 

Seo graph for Canada Search Engine Optimization

This science is especially getting more important for local search, we understand that things can be very competitive. The World Wide Web is an enormous living and interactive entity. With over 60 000 000 000 web sites according to recent estimates, it is increasingly more difficult to get discovered firstly by search engines and secondly by human visitors. How can you get found in such a colossal myriad of competing websites?

This is where SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) comes into play. It is the science/art of making your website attractive to major search engines. Tweaking your website will make it stand out from the crowd. Most of the efforts are implemented at the design level at the skeletal foundation of the web site's architecture.

Results usually vary notably and might take 1-6 month or longer to show. While some firms might guarantee you top 10 results, be vary weary of these claims as they are either false or attained using black hat methods that could possibly get your site banned from search engines for life...Please contact us for a free consultation for your SEO requirements and objectives. We always use safe and tested white hat SEO strategies that comply to major search engines guidelines and regulations.

Geo-targeting Canada SEO

The city where you are planning to target you audience will make a huge difference as to what  measures must be taken. Vancouver will have vary different traffic patterns and competition than a website in Toronto, Calgary or Edmonton for example. Some cities are more seasonal than others also, if you were selling winter sporting goods in Toronto,  the competitiveness would far outweigh the efforts required to get you on top in Vancouver. In conclusion, SEO for Canada is distinct from other countries because of the vastness of the continent. For every city a different localized geotarged approach needs to be used.

Ongoing(cyclical) Online Promotion

This form of marketing requires a consistent, interactive and repetitive effort. These services are offered on a subscription, commission or pay per leads models. Methods include link building, pay per click management, periodical press releases, article marketing, SEO update tweaks, directory submission and multitude of various promotional approaches. For Joomla websites and other selected content management systems, content can be set to be displayed at a later date in the future, this strategy can offer you greater control of ongoing content publishing and creation.

Offline Promotion and Marketing Media Joomla Offline Marketing Strategies

In addition to online marketing strategies it is essential to carry on offline promotional efforts. Yellow Pages adds, newspaper advertisement, business cards and any other literature associated with your business should include the website URL AND a valid company email address( inf (@) example.com versus This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). The website should not be treated as a separate entity but as an integral part of your offline advertising strategy. We have extensive experience in both online AND offline marketing and we can help you find the optimal marriage of both as effectively and economically as possible.

Translation and Localization

Canada French to English and Vice Versa Translation is crucialWith the advent of globalization and emerging markets of both consumers and B2B prospects, it is obvious that translation can provide you with a definitive competitive advantage. Having your site translated in the native language of your target audience can open doors to your business that may have otherwise remained closed. This is especially important if you wish to reach the lucrative Canadian market. Translation from French to English and vice versa should be an integral part of any website designed in Canada or North America.

Our team of translators can translate your website, software or required document in every major language pair. Attention to cultural differences is always taken into consideration to insure that leading industry standards are met on every translation assignment. Rates are based on word count, please consult our translation rates chart for prices.

Website Machine Translation

If you use Joomla we can set up the Babel Fish translation component on your site. All navigation and code will automatically get translated in your choice of over 14 languages. The  content of course needs to be translated by a human if you require quality, however some translation components can also translate the content of the text via Google translation. Please note however that this would be machine translation and highly inaccurate. However, sometimes it's better than nothing to reach a broader international audience.

Consulting Services

Having problems with your business? Things could run a little more smoothly and efficiently? We have a multitude of solutions that could help you increase your productivity, lower your overhead costs, increase your profit margins and make your life easier! Might sound like a mighty claim but we make it our business to solve problems and provide solutions, initial consultations are free, so go ahead and give us a try, we seldom run into predicaments that can't be solved. 

Web Design Canada

Web Design Solution For Canada

Although we are based in Vancouver BC Canada, we can provide you with website design services in any major Canadian city whether through our extensive network of affiliates throughout Canada or simply by being available via phone, email or live chat virtually 24/7.

So why would a company really need to hire a Canadian web site design firm? One reason is service, since the Canadian market is smaller than the American one we will be able to provide you with more personalized service tailored to the Canadian audience and your specific needs.

Canada's online landscape is also relatively unique because of culture on one hand and bilingualism on the other. While most online marketing strategies and web site design methods are shared between the American and Canadian market, Canada is definitely unique and similarly to localisation, a web site's design should reflect the country's target audience whether it be French or English.

Should you have your website designed in both of Canada's official languages?

Unless your product or service is directly related to a specific language (IE: Dictionary, Uni-lingual Book, Owners Manual, Software etc...) you should consider having your website done in both official languages unless your target clients reside exclusively in a uni-lingual geographical region or zone AND your service or product is strictly available locally. If this is not the case, translation and localization of the entire website to French is highly recommended.

Since the French market is considerably less crowded and competitive than the English one, gaining high organic search engine rankings is relatively easier than for the more competitive English online equivalent. Conclusively, the French market is smaller but easier to reach successfully.

How much does it cost to have the website translated and localized?

Translation and localization of your website for Canada's bilingual audience is actually quite affordable, the cost is not necessarily doubled since most of the database settings and graphical elements are already set for the original language website version. Usually, if the language level and complexity isn't too high, you can expect to only pay about 50% more for the alternate language version. So you basically get 2 websites for the price of one and a half, a 50% savings on the additional site version and a 25% discount altogether.

Should American, Australian, UK or any other English websites also opt for a French version for Canada's market? As stated earlier, most definitely if your services or products are available world wide. Canada's online marketplace is one the wealthiest and most vibrant in the world. The question really is...can you even afford NOT to profit from this reality? And who would know more about the Canadian online landscape than a website design firm based in Canada. 

Geo targeting 

Local search is a hot topic lately.  Increasingly, search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo determine the location of the Internet visitor via cookies, then simultaneously through dynamic algorithms display results based on the searcher's geographical location. A website optimized for Canada will show up higher in search results. Another option is to purchase a .ca extention for your domain name.

 Canada's Seasonal Clientele

Canada has 4 very distinctive seasons. If your site sells products or services that are even remotely related to seasons, holidays or specific periods of the year, such as travel, sporting goods or gifts. Appropriate timing must also be taken into consideration because of Canada's multiple time zones. Time of day and day of week can make a huge difference on conversion ratios. Please contact us if you wish to have your website tailored to the Canadian market and we will give you an absolutely free no obligation 30 minutes phone consultation.

Web Site Design Vancouver

Vancouver Web Design Rates

How much does it cost to have a website designed by  true profesionnals? This will vary greatly depending on what needs you have.  Are you looking for a static website or maybe a CMS solution? If you require, would you like to use Joomla, word press, Drupal? What functionality are you looking for. Here is some information on the industry to give you an idea of how much to expect to pay.

Vancouver and Canada website designer rates

Hiring a web designer in Vancouver is based on the cost of living and will also vary from city to city. In Vancouver you are looking at $500 and up and in general average cost is about $500-$2000. A static website is usually more economical but not necessarily, adding flash animation and mutlimedia will add to the final price tag of the project. If you need a CMS site such as Joomla, Word Press or Drupal, the cost is basically divided in three basic packages. CMS tempated, static to CMS conversion or custom content management system from scratch. The starting rate for these three packages is $500 and up, $750 and up and $1000 and up repectively. But usually the best way to get an accurat quote is to contact us for a free no obligation estimate after filling out the form so we can have an idea of roughly what kind of project you are planning.  Some of our services are also billed by the hour and range between $35-$65 per hour. We work very fast and efficently giving you a better rate than other firms because of our vast experience, you will see that if you search "Joomla Expert Canada" on Google we rank at #1, this is not coincidental! ;)

Choosing between Joomla, Drupal or Word Press

If you choose to opt for a popular CMS opens source solution you will need to make a choice of what platform to use. This will depend a lot on your level of IT and experience level. For absolute beginers we usually recommmend Wordpress as it is easier to manage. However, Wordpress is relatively limited when it comes to upgrading, flexibility and expansion potential. Drupal is also fairly simple to manage albeit a little harder than Word Press. Joomla is more difficult to master and manage but has over 9000 extensions and is the largest and most versatile CMS out there. It is usually what we recommend if you want a truly professional and upgradable solution. Joomla! can handle pretty much anything you need to do online including but not limited to ecommerce, advanced Google site map management, live chat/live help, forums integration, blog integration, user mailing lists, calendars, point of sales, intranet and extra net, Apache stand alone server, community builder, face book and youtube modules integration, interactive forms, Java Script and Flash animation integration and much, much more. 

Joomla, Drupal and Word Press extensions, add-ons and plug ins for the functionality you are seeking

If you opt for a popular CMS solution you will have a vast choice of extensions, pluggins and addons. Sometimes you might choose the CMS in question because the extension is available for the particular functionality you are seeking for. Sometimes the site needs to be built around the CMS that can do what you want it to do. While Joomla is the best and can usually do most anything you need it for,sometimes the extension and functionality you are seeking needs to be fetched from Drupal or Wordpress. All extensions are available for free but some are commercial and paid for, however, all major solutions are GNU and open source (Free) and most free extensions usually actually outperform the commercial paid components. 

Vancouver SEO Services 

Geotargeting is a way of making your website easily accessible to targeted geographical areas of the world. This can help a website cater to the local community and be more relevant to the services or products wanted by local residents. Vancouver BC geotargeting should be the focus of both your PPC campaign and organic strategies. A Canadian online property as a whole can also usually be promoted relatively easily and reaching online market could be even easier at times. Sometimes it's better to target a smaller but more targeted audience that trying to aim for results on a national or international . Additionally, sticking to Vancouver only on your PPC campaigns will save you money AND your click through ratio will be higher. For other cities like Toronto and Montreal the SEO services will be more competitive. For Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton, SEO services are less competitive and rates can be lowered accordingly. In conclusion. Although the world wide web might be a global marketing channel, it is equally important to take into consideration the local aspect of search seriously.





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